Portable Toilet FAQ

How many portable restroom rentals do I need for my guests or patrons in attendance? (opens PDF in new window)

How much does it cost to rent a portable potty in my city, state or region?

There are a few things to take into consideration when inquiring about pricing for a porta-potty rental.

- There is typically a minimum charge associated with the rental of a port-a-potty. Regardless of whether a unit is needed for 4 hours or 4 weeks, the company you are leasing the equipment from is performing a SERVICE first and foremost, which requires work far beyond simply supplying a product.

  • Representative must provide a detailed estimate and rate quote
  • Book the reservation
  • Schedule the equipment
  • Create a work order
  • Submit the work order to operations
  • Operations schedules a driver to deliver
  • Delivery of the restrooms, sinks or showers
  • Set-up toilets, sinks, showers - stock units with supplies, ensuring a sanitary environment
  • Pump out, clean and pickup the equipment
  • Drive to and perform requested (daily, weekly, biweekly, etc) service (sanitary clean-out, pump-out, resupply) for long term leased equipment
  • Dispose of the waste at a treatment plant

- Most portable sanitation rental services charge on a 28 day advanced billing cycle.

- Weekend event portable toilets and sinks are typically delivered on a Friday and picked up on Monday. Expect a surcharge or delivery fee for Saturday or Sunday deliveries.

- If you do not have an open account with a firm, expect to be asked to fill out a credit authorization form to pay by credit card.
  1. Portable toilet-restrooms vary in both accessibility and make/model. So naturally, different types vary in price...Fuel surcharge i/a, delivery, pick-up, waste handling and damage waiver fees may apply(often included in quotes).
    • Standard port-a-johns are typically constructed with form-injected plastic or fiberglass. These restroom facilities typically have a toilet and a urinal, toilet rental companies may provide dispensed hand sanitizer (included, or for a small fee)
    • if a rental company offers large ADA compliant porta-potties, the unit requires a little more work all the way around... cost naturally rises with any amenity offered beyond the standard plastic portable toilet/urinal
      I.E...deluxe flushable portable toilet w/ sink, Trailer VIP port-a-potties, Walk-In Urinal Stalls
    • Restroom trailers, or upscale mobile portable toilets are top-of-the-line sanitation solutions. VIP Toilet Trailers cater to special events, weddings and social affairs that require VIP amenities...These toilet-trailer facilities are the ultimate in mobile bathroom luxury. VIP Toilet Trailer Restrooms and Shower Facilities can run several thousand dollars to rent for large, deluxe units.
  2. Special Event Toilets compared to Construction Site Portable Potties
    • A toilet rental company usually has separated fleets of toilet stalls...Special Event restrooms are well-maintained inside and out, get serviced daily for large events(highest-end plastic-johns). Construction Job-Site toilets typically come standard w/ a urinal and necessary supplies. Both of these facilities are cleaned, treated, pumped as needed or specified... typically daily, weekly or biweekly
  3. Your region or location (City, State...vicinity of your site location to the portable toilet rental company)
    • If a restroom rental service operator has to travel a significant distance to set your stall, come back to clean and service, you may be charged a service fee. However this fee may be included in the cost of the toilet rental itself(especially with monthly rentals-weekly service), so you should always ask your restroom rental provider about fees in relation to overall rental cost.
    • Costs for services is different in virtually every part of the country. The portable sanitation industry is no different. Shopping for toilet rental services, which all charge differently, can take time...don't be consumed, let the most reputable potty services in your area bid on your project with a few mouse clicks...utilize aawsi.com......follow the link below to rent portable restrooms.
      Back to our quote request form and hire from a local toilet rental company. This is a convenient and effective way of receiving accurately priced quotes for varying toilet rental facilities in your city and region.

How Many Uses are Available before the Restroom Holding Tank Fills?
Typically, porta potties contain a 50-60 gallon holding tank, and will fill up after 90-100 uses. If you are using the chart above to estimate the number of restrooms needed for your guests or patrons... the toilets will likely fill to capacity in 6 hours with steady use.

How Many Porta Potties do I need for my Construction Project?
It is recommended that there be at least 1 portable toilet per 10 workers through an 8-10 hour workday. It is recommended that the unit be serviced and pumped weekly or biweekly

ADA Compliant Regulations
Under section 4.1.2(6) of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), at least five percent of single user portable toilets clustered at a single location must be accessible. - Does not apply to construction job sites

Same Day Delivery & Reserving Toilets in Advance
Many companies are able to provide same day service for porta potties and portable sinks. Expect to pay a fee or surcharge for same day delivery. This does not apply to large equipment rentals like mobile restroom and shower trailers. These facilities are not available same day. We recommend booking toilet, sink or shower units 48 hours or more in advance. For large orders, please give companies 72 hours and in most cases, a week is needed to arrange a full-scale sanitation solution.

How is the waste disposed of?
We dispose of waste water at local, designated waste water treatment locations, according to the procedures and regulations of these facilities.