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Our combination unit mirrors the sophisticated design of our specialized restroom trailers, offering a versatile solution that caters to both personal hygiene and comfort needs. You can choose from the smaller, cozy 3-stall unit for private events or the more spacious 8-stall version for larger crowds. Each trailer comes equipped with full-sized doors, instant access to hot and cold water, and temperature control through heating and air conditioning.

Safety and comfort are at the core of our Shower and Restroom Trailer Combo. It features anti-slip floors, conveniently positioned handrails, and an effective waste management system that keeps the space clean and fresh. This blend of elegant design and practical features makes our combo trailer a superior option.

The combo trailers are intelligently designed to maximize space without compromising the quality of both shower and restroom amenities. Whether it’s the smaller 3-stall model or the larger 8-stall version, they are ready to meet the needs of your specific event or project.

To discover more about this versatile solution and other units that we offer, reach out to our customer service team for assistance.