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Mobile Restroom Trailers come in a variety of makes, models and sizes. VIP suites contain separate Women’s and Men’s privacy partitions and have enclosed toilet stalls and porcelain urinals, ensuring a like home experience. These executive suites are perfect for upscale events, weddings and corporate occasions. View the different styles of mobile bathroom facilities below. The trailers are operable using 110 volt outlets with a 20 amp draw, and can be directly connected to city sewer and city water, saving renters money on pumping services.

Rent Standard Restroom Trailers

The standard restroom trailer features fiberglass walls, non-skid flooring and water efficient toilets.

Mobile Restroom Trailer
Standard Mobile Restroom Trailer

210 Porcelain Urinal
Porcelain Sinks/Toilets
Porcelain Toilets
Porcelain Toilets/Urinals

  • Water Efficient Toilets
  • Fiberglass Walls
  • Non-Skid Epoxy Floors
  • China Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Chromed Vanity & Mirrors

22ft Standard Restroom Trailer
22 Foot Standard Restroom Trailer

Floor Plan Standard Restroom Trailer
Floor Plan Standard Trailer Restroom

33ft Standard Restroom Trailer
33 Foot Standard Restroom Trailer

Compact Mobile Restroom Trailer Rentals

Rent toilet trailers with single bathroom stalls, including ADA compliant units, as well as double sided mens and womens separated facilities. We have several model trailer bathrooms available, sure to accommodate those looking for like home mobile sanitation solutions. Executive, upscale trailers and standard elegant compact restrooms are available for rent or purchase.

Compact Mobile Restroom Trailer
Compact Mobile Restroom Trailer

Interior Compact Restroom Trailer
2 Stall Deluxe Restroom Trailer

10 Stall - Elegant Restroom Trailer

The 10 stall mobile trailer with toilets, sinks and urinals provides a fully self-contained sanitation solution that is capable of accommodating 800+ people by housing a 700 gallon waste holding tank.

10 stall mobile restroom trailer
10 stall - Mobile Toilet Trailer

10 stall womens interior toilet stalls
Interior view toilet stalls - womens side

10 stall mens interior urinals
Interior view urinals, toilet stalls, sinks - mens side

10 stall layout Restroom Trailer
Layout of 10 stall Trailer Restrooms

  • Flushing Porcelain Toilets
  • Running Water Sinks
  • Vanities, Mirrors
  • A-C or Heat
  • Rugs, Pictures and Flower - decor
  • Soap and Hand Towels

Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailer

The Presidential style unit features hardwood floors, marble walls, oak trim and cabinets.

Deluxe Restroom Trailer
Deluxe Restroom Trailer

210 Porcelain Urinal
Porcelain Urinals
Porcelain Toilets
Porcelain Toilets

Restroom Marbled Walls, Counter Tops
Marbled Walls and Counter tops
Restroom Oak Trim, Hardwood Floors
Oak Wood Trim, Mens Stall

  • Porcelain Toilets
  • Marble Walls
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Oak Cabinets
  • Oak Trim
  • China Sinks
  • Skylights & Art Decor
  • Stereo Music

180 Deluxe Floor Plan
22 Foot VIP Restroom Trailer

210 Deluxe Floor Plan
25 Foot Luxury Restroom Trailer

240 Deluxe Floor Plan
28 Foot Upscale Restroom Trailer

260 Deluxe Floor Plan
30 Foot VIP Restroom Trailer

Mobile Shower Facilities w/ Restroom Stalls

High-end trailer facilities with shower stalls and toilets provide the utmost in convenience and comfort. Self-contained and mobile, pre-fabricated shower trailers with restroom stalls are available for lease or purchase. We provide several models, from single shower and toilet units, to 28 private stall showers with restrooms and urinals. If you are in need of mobile showers and sanitation solutions for any event, job site, occasion, during the time of disaster or in preparation, including hot water shower facilities, look no further than All American Waste Services.

  • Water Efficient Toilets
  • Marking Proofed Epoxy Back Flooring
  • China Sinks
  • Steel Cabinets and Chromed Vanity

6 stall shower
3 mens - 3 womens Private Shower Stalls

Interior Stall Shower Rental
Shower Stall

Restroom Shower Area Interior
3 Shower Stall, 1 Restroom Stall, 1 Sink