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Our Compact Restroom Trailer combines elegance and practicality in a design that stands out for its style and smart use of space. It features two roomy stalls for women, and for men, a separate stall plus a urinal. Privacy is paramount, with full-length doors and soft LED lighting inside creating a comfortable atmosphere distinct from other models.

We've focused on both safety and sophistication; our trailer has slip-resistant vinyl flooring and clear indicators for when stalls are occupied, promoting a seamless experience. The sleek vanity areas boast durable countertops, water-saving chrome faucets, and walls that resist graffiti, reflecting our dedication to high standards and design.

This trailer is deceptively spacious and fully equipped to handle busy events smoothly. It comes with a sizable 100-gallon fresh water tank and a built-in trash system, ensuring the space remains pristine and functional for the duration of your event.

For more information on this premium offering or to see our full range, please contact our welcoming Customer Service team. They are ready and happy to help you find the ideal solution for your needs.