Premium Portable Sanitation Solutions in Navajo Station, AZ

Welcome to All American Waste Services, your trusted partner for premium portable sanitation solutions in Navajo Station, AZ. With over a decade of experience, we are your go-to source for top-quality porta potty rentals, restroom trailers, and shower trailer rentals. We understand the importance of cleanliness and comfort, and we are dedicated to providing impeccable service for events, construction sites, and more.

Discover Our Comprehensive Services

Services Features
Portable Toilet Basic yet fully functional for all types of events.
Restroom Trailer Spacious and comfortable with multiple amenities.
Shower Trailer Private stalls with hot and cold water options.
Hand Washing Station Equipped with soap dispensers and paper towels.

Who Benefits from Our Services?

Our portable sanitation solutions cater to a diverse range of needs:

  • Event Planners: Ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your guests at outdoor festivals, weddings, and sporting events.
  • Construction Managers: Maintain hygiene standards and comply with regulations at construction sites.
  • Emergency Responders: Provide essential sanitation during disaster relief efforts.
  • Business Owners: Enhance the convenience of corporate events and conferences.
  • Accessibility Advocates: Our rental options include ADA-compliant units for individuals with disabilities.

Advantages of Our Restroom and Shower Trailers

Our restroom and shower trailers offer several key benefits:

  • Flushing Toilets: Provide a more sanitary and pleasant experience for users.
  • City Water and Sewage Connection: Available when on-site sewage is not an option.
  • Running Water Sinks: Convenient handwashing facilities for improved hygiene.
  • Hot Water: Added comfort with hot water amenities, especially in cooler weather.
  • Climate Control: Air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort.

Local Portable Sanitation Regulations in Navajo Station, AZ

Compliance with local regulations is paramount. Our team is well-versed in the specific portable sanitation regulations in Navajo Station, AZ, ensuring that your rental experience is smooth and hassle-free.


Additional Rental Options

In addition to our standard services, we provide additional options, including handwash stations, SAM certified units, and same-day delivery. Contact us today to explore these offerings further.

Serving Surrounding Areas

Our services extend to multiple counties in the region, including:

  • Apache County
  • Coconino County
  • Navajo County