Your Trusted Porta Potty Rental Service in Hi Vista, CA

Welcome to All American Waste Services, your premier provider of portable potty rental services in Hi Vista, CA. Since 2004, we have been serving the community with top-notch portable toilets, restroom trailers, shower trailers, and hand washing stations. Whether you are hosting an outdoor event, construction site, or any other temporary location, we have the perfect solution to meet your sanitation needs. As an ADA compliant and SAM certified company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and same-day delivery.

The Services We Offer in Hi Vista, CA

Services Description
Porta John Rental Compact and easily placed in any outdoor setting.
Restroom Trailer Can accommodate a large number of guests in comfort.
Shower Trailer Rentals On-demand hot water for year-round use.
Portable Sink Freestanding units that can be placed anywhere.

Restroom and Shower Trailers: The Ultimate in Comfort and Convenience

In addition to our porta potty rentals, our restroom and shower trailers offer enhanced features and comfort. These trailers are ideal for events or projects that require more than just basic portable toilets. Here are some benefits of our restroom and shower trailers:

  • Flushing toilets for a more comfortable and hygienic experience.
  • Ability to connect to city water and sewage, with holding tanks available when connections are not possible.
  • Running water sinks for proper handwashing.
  • Hot water for a refreshing shower experience.
  • Climate-controlled interiors with air conditioning and heating, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather.

Whether you're hosting a high-end event or need a more luxurious sanitation solution for your project, our restroom and shower trailers deliver the utmost comfort and convenience.


Hi Vista, CA Portable Potty Regulations

It's essential to comply with local regulations when renting portable toilets in Hi Vista, CA. Understanding these regulations ensures the safety and well-being of your guests or workers. For detailed information on Hi Vista's portable potty regulations, please refer to the official guidelines provided by the city.

The Most Active Season for Outdoor Events in Hi Vista, CA

Hi Vista, CA experiences a vibrant outdoor event season, with residents and visitors enjoying the pleasant weather. During this period, our portable potty rentals, restroom trailer rentals, shower trailer rentals, and portable sink rentals become essential for ensuring a comfortable and hygienic experience for event attendees. To ensure availability during the busiest season, we recommend booking our services well in advance. Contact us today to secure your reservation and guarantee a seamless experience for your upcoming outdoor event in Hi Vista, CA.


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  • Santa Clara County

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