Portable Toilet, Restroom & Shower Trailer Rentals for Events and Construction Sites in Massachusetts

All American Waste Services has provided portable sanitation solutions since 2004. We offer ADA compliant porta potty, restroom trailer, and shower trailer rentals for events, construction sites, and more in Massachusetts.

Services We Rent

Service Options
Portable Toilets Standard, ADA Compliant, VIP, Handicap Accessible
Restroom Trailers Flushable Toilets, Running Water Sinks, Hot Water, Climate Controlled
Shower Trailers Hot Water, On-Demand Hot Water Heaters, Privacy Stalls
Hand Washing Stations Portable Sinks, Foot Pumps, Sanitizer, Paper Towels

Our portable sanitation solutions are useful for large events, construction sites, military sites, remote locations, and anywhere permanent restrooms are not available.

Portable Toilet Rentals for Events and Construction

Rent porta potties from All American Waste Services for your next event or construction project in Massachusetts. Our ADA compliant portable toilets provide a sanitary solution when permanent restrooms are not available or when large crowds exceed the capacity of restrooms.

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Benefits of Our Portable Toilets:

  • Single occupant units for privacy
  • ADA compliant models available
  • Service and cleaning included
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser inside each unit
  • ideal for events and construction sites

Luxury Restroom Trailers for Large Events

All American Waste Services offers luxury, ADA compliant restroom trailers with flushable toilets, running water sinks, and hot water for rental at large events in Massachusetts. Our restroom trailers connect to city water and sewer systems when available or utilize onboard holding tanks. Trailers are climate controlled with heating and air conditioning.

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Benefits of Our Restroom Trailers:

  • Multiple flushable toilet stalls
  • ADA compliant models available
  • Running water sinks with hot water
  • Connects to city water/sewer or has holding tanks
  • Climate controlled interior
  • Ideal for large events needing permanent restrooms

Shower Trailer Rentals for Events, Construction, and Military Sites

Rent a shower trailer from All American Waste Services for your next event, construction site, military site, or remote location in Massachusetts that needs onsite shower facilities. Our shower trailers provide hot water on demand using propane tankless water heaters. Trailers include privacy stalls, benches, and are ADA compliant.

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Benefits of Our Shower Trailers:

  • On-demand propane water heaters provide endless hot water
  • Large water holding tanks allow dozens of showers before refill needed
  • Privacy stalls with benches and hooks
  • ADA accessible models available
  • Service and cleaning included
  • Ideal for events, construction, military sites

Massachusetts Portable Potty Regulations

All American Waste Services complies with all Massachusetts regulations for portable toilet and restroom trailer rentals. This includes:

  • Ensuring all units are properly cleaned and sanitized
  • Safely disposing of waste into municipal sewer systems
  • Providing ADA compliant units upon request
  • Meeting all Massachusetts sanitation and accessibility standards

Rely on All American Waste Services for regulatory compliant portable sanitation rentals in Massachusetts. Learn more about MA regulations or get a fast quote: /rental-quote


Outdoor Events in Massachusetts Needing Portable Restrooms

Here are some of the largest annual outdoor events in cities across Massachusetts that require portable toilets and restroom trailers:

City Event
Boston Boston Marathon
Cambridge Harvard-Yale Football Game
Springfield The Big E
Worcester stART on the Street
Lowell Lowell Folk Festival
Pittsfield Third Thursday Street Festival

Portable Potty Rental Season in Massachusetts

Late spring through early fall are the busiest seasons for outdoor events and construction projects requiring portable toilet rentals in Massachusetts. Average high temperatures range from the 60s in April-May up to the 80s in July-August. Cooler fall temperatures in September-October also make it comfortable for large outdoor events needing restroom trailers.

Get in touch with All American Waste Services for your portable sanitation needs in Massachusetts during the busy spring through fall event season. Request a fast quote online or call 1-800-560-4381.